Mushroom Herringbone Solid Blankets

Mushroom Herringbone Solid Blankets

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Welcome to our elegant herringbone blanket selection. The herringbone pattern has a rich history, including being a preferred pattern for Roman road construction, due to its strength and stability; its beauty and function has stood the test of time. Our Genopalette herringbone blanket is so soft, so easy on the eye, so luxurious, we think it would be good enough for Caesar. 

Did you know that wool naturally breathes and has superior inherent temperature regulation? Yep. No plastic necessary – just our virgin, undyed Merino wool. Available in natural Fawn (our rarest color), Mushroom, and Walnut, each interspersed with our creamy white. These are 100% made in the USA, from sheep to shipping.


Throw Blanket Dimensions: 72” X 45”
Weight: 3 pounds

XL Twin Blanket Dimensions: 72” X 90”
Weight: 4 pounds

Queen Blanket Dimensions: 90” X 90”
Weight: 5 pounds

King Size Blanket Dimensions 106” X 90”
Weight: 6 pounds