Three generations of the McMurry family share the farm where our flock grows the wool which is foundational to Genopalette’s® products. Since 1987, Andy McMurry has managed the family farm with regenerative integrity at the forefront of our vision. Native flora, fauna, sheep, and humans residing peacefully and productively – this is our mission, our reason for being. Thanks for being part of the journey.

Meet the Visionary Behind Genopalette®

Andy McMurry is a whole-hearted believer in the importance of regenerative agriculture. This up-and-coming trend focuses on the importance of gentle and friendly farming practices for livestock production. The McMurry farm sees its flock as an essential asset to environmental health and biodiversity. The modern regenerative agriculture movement is supported by scientists who study these topics as an academic discipline with no commercial funding. Andy is working hard to connect with these scientists and continue his education to continually improve the quality of his animal care, farming and sheering practices, and products. Andy's passion for art and sheep makes him a unique visionary who makes each blanket with care.

Meet Andy

How does agriculture meet art? Read this article from The Washington Post to learn more about Andy McMurry and his "Sheep Thrills".

From Wool to Wool Products

Sheep are raised using gentle farming practices with optimal care, nutrition and conditions to produce wool. Wool is then sheared and so begins the unique process Genopalette uses to create yarn, scarves, shawls, throws and blankets. From the moment a sheep is born, they are provided the best of care to ensure quality wool is produced and sheered.