Undyed Dark Brown 'Walnut' Merino Twin Blanket

Product Overview

Introducing our undyed dark brown "Walnut" Merino twin blanket, crafted exclusively from Genopalette®️ undyed Merino and merino lambs wool fleeces! As must be expected from our flock of award-winning fine wool sheep, it is super soft, and the and lovely drape and perfect weight will make this blanket your go-to for wintertime snuggles, and for perfect temperature regulation even in the warmer months. Within each throw a bit of natural shade striation can be found, making each one one-of-a-kind. We are in the last stages of settling on our final weave patterns, so these are prototypes, and priced accordingly. We have several weave patterns and a limited supply of blankets available also. Every piece has gone from sheep to finished product, completely in the USA. Made possible by McMurry Boonville Wools LLC. Thanks for looking!





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