Rare Natural Expression Fibers

Not all sheep are well-traveled. Traversing the globe from New Zealand nearly three decades ago, the seed-stock for Genopalette’s rare, natural colored Merino sheep came to the U.S. from their origins in select minority New Zealand flocks. As in life, where only about 1 in 1,000 sheep are naturally colored, our original sheep were a micro-flock of color in a mega-flock of white sheep ...
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Growers & Farmers

As in selecting the sheep themselves, Andy extends his discriminating sensibilities to all areas of their care, from breeding to feeding. The Genopalette flock rotationally grazes a variety of highly nutritious native and planted grasses for as much of the year as possible. This puts nutrients right back into our already fertile Missouri River soils and creates healthier sheep and cleaner wool. Our balanced system actually sustains and enhances the luminous, undyed tones of our natural colored flock: the minerals native to our soil and feed contribute heavily to the various colors of the sheep ...
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